Portland, Oregon’s The Beautiful Train Wrecks is a roots rock band that fuses together traditional Americana with the energy and zest of modern rock-n-roll. The group features four members – Lucas Alberg on vocals and guitar, Jeff Koch on guitar, Amanda Breese on bass guitar and vocals, and Tony Howard on drums and vocals– whose diverse musical influences and deep musical experience result in a unique and instantly catchy sound. Featuring two- and three-part harmonies, the melodic lines of lyrics drift in and out of a listener’s ears like the voice of an old familiar friend.

During live performances, the Train Wrecks instantly build a rapport with its audience members, and engage in playful exchanges throughout their shows. Classic storytelling and cleverly crafted lyrics help to keep the rapt attention of listeners and hook fans into coming back for more.

The Beautiful Train Wrecks have released one full-length album (Rainy Day Parade - November 2009) and most recently, the EP In the Midnight Blue (2012). The band has played all along the West Coast and throughout the Pacific Northwest and has been played on radio stations around the world.

LUCAS ALBERG (Vocals/Guitar)

Lucas Alberg started his musical career behind a drum kit, playing Beatles covers and grunge music in high school in the mid-to-late 90s. His penchant for words and melodies soon moved him to guitar, however, where he began honing his songwriting proclivities on the acoustic guitar. In college at the University of Kansas, Alberg discovered the world of alt.country – a perfect blend for his Kansas roots, classic country influences and his leanings toward up-beat and driving rock. After moving out West in 2001, Alberg began attending open-mics in Portland, integrating into the thriving local music scene and fine-tuning his songs.

In 2007, Alberg formed The Beautiful Train Wrecks with two friends and quickly started the band on its rise to playing established and respected venues around the Pacific Northwest. Over the course of 3 years and several reincarnations later, The Beautiful Train Wrecks are one of the most well-respected roots rock and alt.country outfits in the area.

JEFF KOCH (Lead Guitar)

Moving to Portland from the Midwest almost 10 years ago, Jeff's style of play perfectly blends the Americana and rootsy feel of his Midwestern beginnings with the melodic drive and independent sensibilities of his adopted West Coast home. Performing professionally in bands since he was 16, his musical motto is "everything in service of the song." Playing not only the guitar but also bass and mandolin, Jeff is a mainstay on the Portland music scene. Along with The Beautiful Train Wrecks, Jeff is involved with Scott Gallegos, Jake Oken-Berg, Pilar French, and The Fingerprints. Above all else, Jeff believes in the transformative power of music.

TONY HOWARD (Drums & Percussion)

Hailing from the sunny Minnesota landscape, Tony cut his teeth playing in Midwestern bands that found pure rock as their savior. He has spent the last 18 years in Portland, Oregon weaving his way through the Portland music scene. His ability to contribute to bands with varying styles, ranging from the eclectic pop stylings of The Fingerprints to the in-your-face power-pop vibe of Pinehurst Kids, has given him the chops and experience required to give The Beautiful Train Wrecks the tasty and sometimes hard-driving rhythm they require. His recording experience mixed with the ability to spend days on end in the stench of a small van touring the country, prepared him for whatever the Train Wrecks can throw at him.


Growing up in a musical family, Amanda Breese found a passion for music at an early age. As a young girl, she watched her father play guitar in various bands throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. She started playing the piano at age 8, and found her true passion when she picked up the guitar at 16. Amanda started her first band, Kabury Lane, playing alongside her father. Amanda continued to play, both solo and with Kabury Lane, until she graduated from college and headed to the West Coast in September 2009. Since making the move from Pennsylvania to Portland, Amanda has been involved with numerous projects and currently co-fronts Fairweather. With the opportunity to join the Beautiful Train Wrecks, Amanda made the transition to bass.